Welcome bACK -

To summer and all celebrations that come with the season.
Inspired by warm days of picnics and cookouts, dipping toes into the Nantucket Sound, and evening parties full of Lilly printed dresses and fun, Liza & Steph, consummate guests, were always on the hunt for the perfect gifts!

Local and chic has always been a value, and the idea of bringing cherished gifts along to any occasion, as matter of manners and great taste, was instilled in both friends at a young age. And voila!…Welcome bACK was born.

Custom hand-crafted, delightfully filled gift baskets for Hostess Gifts, Party Favors, Birthdays, Wedding & Bridal Showers, Hen & Stag, Cocktail Parties, and more.
Every gift is customized, in a chic package, and of course, includes the perfect hand-written note. Personal deliveries made by request.
Welcome bACK!
Liza & Steph